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"Saipan Dancers" Watercolor Saipan Collection


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Giclée art print on German made rice paper.

About the Artwork:

Saipan Dancers, 1995. Chen Xiaoping. Watercolor on paper. 

Created on the stunning island of Saipan, this artwork bursts with bright colors and lively tones that capture the spirit of local life and the island's natural beauty. Ideal for transforming any living space, the Saipan Collection is not just art—it's an invitation to bring the vibrancy and warmth of this magical place into your home. Full of life and visual appeal, this piece makes an inspiring and eye-catching choice for home decoration.

About the Artist:

Chen Xiaoping stands out as a renowned artist, celebrated for her profound expertise in the realms of oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, and calligraphy. Twice she has been honored with the prestigious award for the "Most Outstanding Visual Artist" by the Governor of CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands). Furthermore, Chen has secured the gold prize on two occasions at the "NTD Global Realism Oil Painting Competition". Her solo exhibitions have been held multiple times, showcasing her deep mastery over her craft. Several of her remarkable pieces are now part of the permanent collection at the Saipan National Museum. Chen Xiaoping's works not only capture the essence of the subject but also reflect a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western artistry. 

Made in USA


  • 德國製造宣紙輸出,絕佳印刷效果,完美還原中國書畫細節。
  • 畫心宣紙無酸、不含木質素,適合恆久存藏。
  • 日本原裝防水抗光墨水,色彩穩定期長,畫心百年不褪色。




  • 義大利進口品質優良的實木框條。
  • 防紫外線、高透光度有機玻璃,保護畫心、防塵防摔。
  • 精細切割的雙層卡紙,增加畫面立體感,襯托作品效果更佳。
  • 隨框配備掛釘和鋼繩,可直接掛牆,省時省力。



  • 由經驗豐富的台灣裝裱師在台灣製作。
  • 裝裱師依據畫作特點選擇合宜的綾綢配色。
  • 掛軸製作工藝複雜,製作時間為四周。

  • 畫心:7個工作日內發貨。寄送全球。
  • 掛軸:30天內發貨。寄送全球。
  • 實木框裝裱:7個工作日內發貨。僅寄送美國境內。
  • 如需加急,請聯繫客服。