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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Why is Luminance Arts dedicated to traditional arts?

Luminance Arts is dedicated to promoting traditional arts. Our artists for many years are committed to the study and inheritance of traditional art skills, while at the same time improving themselves through self-cultivation. They never stopped exploring new skills and new meanings in art. Our artists’ works are derived from traditional moral values, whether in employing certain skills, or in bringing about certain meanings in art. Their works benefit the viewers and are positive to the society. We believe arts like this should be known to more.  On the other hand, many people who enjoy traditional arts do not have a convenient way of obtaining art works. It is our responsibility to build a bridge between traditional art creators and their admirers. In order to make it easier for traditional arts admirers to get the works they like, Luminance Arts make prints for our art works. Using Giclée technology, these prints are of very high quality, yet have an accessible price tag.


2. Why do you use Giclée technology to make prints of your art works?

Giclée technology first appeared in the 1990s. It is a synonym of top quality digital prints. It combines perfectly cutting-edge inkjet printing technology with visual arts. Using proprietary ink and printing machines, Giclée technology reproduces digital images on dedicated medium with extreme high fidelity.

Giclée technology offers extremely high color accuracy, perfectly smooth color gradients, and reproduces every single detail. Giclée prints look almost identical to the originals. They also have a long predicted lifespan. Giclée technology is widely accepted and employed by artists, galleries and collectors. Therefore, we use Giclée technology to make prints for our art works, in order to deliver products of the highest possible quality to our customers.  


3. Why prints using Giclée technology are worth buying?

Giclée prints visually are almost identical to the originals. Unlike originals, they have an accessible price tag. They help the spread of the art works, and they also help fans of traditional arts get the piece they like. The quality of the Giclée prints produced by Luminance Arts are at the same level with similar products from world class art museums. They are a great choice for decorating homes and offices. 


4. What medium do you use for the Giclée prints?

We use a special German made Fine Art rice paper for our Giclée prints. This rice paper is acid-free and lignin-free, with ISO9706 conformation and is of museum quality for highest age resistance. Its subtle laid lines and soft feel make this paper truly stand out, resembling the texture of traditional rice paper. It is perfect for reproduction of Asian paintings and calligraphy works. We use proprietary inkjet machines and original inks to ensure the highest printing quality. The color lifespan is predicted 100-300 years.


5. Are there anything special about your frames and scrolls?

Our frames are custom made. The frame moldings’ colors, texture, smoothness, width as well as the proportion of the frames are carefully examined and selected. The custom made frame together with the acid-free mat will make the art stand out. Our frames are a great choice for one-stop shopping at Luminance Arts.

Our scrolls are hand-made in Taiwan by well experienced craftsmen. They look elegant and pleasingly traditional. They are great for collecting and decorating, as well as for sending as a gift.


6. Should I buy a framed print, a hanging scroll or an unframed print?

If you are in North America: To do a one stop shopping by purchasing a framed print or a hanging scroll is convenient and will save your time. The framed print or hanging scroll will be delivered to yours, and can be used right out-of-the-box as a wall décor or be given away as a great gift.

If you are in East Asia: Because of the frames’ sizes, the shipping cost can be high. If there are framing services available in your area, we suggest you buy unframed prints and get them framed locally. Unframed prints are cost-effective and their shipping fee is low. Our unframed prints are professionally packed to ensure the security in long-distance shipment. 

Other Places: We recommend hanging scrolls or unframed prints. Hanging scrolls are elegant and carry a classical vibe. They have a light weight and cost low to ship. They can be hung on the wall easily as a great décor. Meanwhile, unframed prints are also a great choice if framing services are available locally. 


7. Where are your products made?

We use top-quality materials and technology, and our products are proudly made in New York City.