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Purchase Suggestions


Should I buy a framed print, a hanging scroll or an unframed print?

If you are in North America: To do a one stop shopping by purchasing a framed print or a hanging scroll is convenient and will save your time. The framed print or hanging scroll will be delivered to yours, and can be used right out-of-the-box as a wall décor or be given away as a great gift.

If you are in East Asia: Because of the frames’ sizes, the shipping cost can be high. If there are framing services available in your area, we suggest you buy unframed prints and get them framed locally. Unframed prints are cost-effective and their shipping fee is low. Our unframed prints are professionally packed to ensure the security in long-distance shipment.

Other Places: We recommend hanging scrolls or unframed prints. Hanging scrolls are elegant and carry a classical vibe. They have a light weight and cost low to ship. They can be hung on the wall easily as a great décor. Meanwhile, unframed prints are also a great choice if framing services are available locally.