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Materials and Framing of Giclée Prints

Materials and Framing of Giclée Prints


Printing Medium:

According to the characteristics of our art works, we choose a special Fine Art rice paper that is made in Germany. This rice paper is acid-free and lignin-free, with ISO9706 conformation and is of museum quality for highest age resistance. Its subtle laid lines and soft feel make this paper truly stand out, resembling the texture of traditional rice paper. It is perfect for reproduction of Asian paintings and calligraphy details.

We use proprietary inkjet machines and original inks to ensure the highest printing quality. The color lifespan is predicted 100-300 years.


About Framing and Mounting: 

1. Unframed prints only: Prints are covered with acid-free paper, then rolled into a thick paper tube. This is convenient for customers to frame per their own needs.

2. Clip frames: Premium acrylic glazing in front, MDF board at back, and with custom made warm white acid-free mat, this framing method has a modern and clean look, which fits well in modern environments. It is also open to receive a frame per the customers’ needs. 

3. Solid wood frame: Custom made solid wood frame made in the USA, with a choice of matt black and burgundy color.  The glazing is made of acrylic of premium quality, and the frame comes with a custom made warm white acid-free mat. This framing style has a more traditional look and fits into many environments.

4. Traditional hanging scroll: Hand made by experienced scroll craftsmen in Taiwan.  The colors of the materials around the art may vary per the art’s character. The production time is usually four weeks. This way of framing Chinese art has a long history. It looks elegant and exquisite.


The followings are sample pictures of our real products.

Clip frames:



Solid wood frame:

Traditional hanging scroll: